Tuesday, July 23


Time goes by too fast! I can't believe we are already in the middle of the year. I'm going to be 25 years old in a couple of months. Claire is 2 years old and Amelia is 1 month old.  Where did the time go?  November Rodney & I have been together for 10years. WoW! I have a blessed life. I am not a millioniare but I am genuine happy with my life. Of course We've had trial and tribulations but we've have over come them. We are a family unit and together thats what brings me happiness. Maybe I am getting older but things have changed in my life and I feel blessed. I praise the lord and thank him. 

Monday, June 24

Team Green Birthing Story

7 am a normal day at the Warren's, we were all in bed watching cartoons. I set up in the bed and I feel a small gush but I don't think anything of it. But I mentioned to husband my water might be leaking I wasn't sure so I wanted to moniter it and see if anything changes later on in the day. We followed our normal routine, Claire and I go to storytime at the libary. I even made it to bed bath and beyond to purchase some things for the house. All day I don't feel any different. My mom called to check on me, I told her about what happend and encourage me to call OB.

By 3 pm the nurse called by and intructed us to go the hospital to get things checked out.
It's 6pm we arrived at the hospital,  I have high hopes to go back home. After the nurse made the finally test, she declared I wasn't going home. I was going to have a baby! Finally we were going to find out what we were going to have. We were so excited!  We transfer rooms immediately to a labor&delivery suite. 

By 7pm I was up walking the halls trying to start up my labor. My plan was to have a natural birth without any drugs to help. I knew any interventions will make my labor harder. The nurse asked me to time my contractions. I was having contractions but they were not timeable nor could I feel them. 

By 12am there was no change and it was time to take some action. 12:30am started on pitcon (a drug to start labor). By 1am I could start to feel my contractions and they started to be timeable. I tried manage my pain by changing positions and breathing.

By 3:30 I was almost at my breaking point because I starting to feel the transition stage of labor. I was check to see my progress and I was only at 6cm with contractions every min. I wanted the baby out and know the gender of the baby. It was so frustrated at that point, the nurse check again after 15 mins I went from a 6cm to 8cm. Everyone started preping the baby bed. I could feel that the end of near but the pain intense.

At 3:45 the doctor was at the foot of the bed and I was pushing my hardest get the baby out. It felt a sense of relief when the baby came out and I could hear my husband voice say its a girl! I couldn't of been happier. Amelia Raye was born at 4:15am 6lbs 2oz 19inches. I was so excited we have 2 baby girls to share in my life. Most importantly I made it through my med-free delivery!  I was really set on having a naturally birth & I did it. Not only did I make it I felt so much better as far as the recovery after sleeping 8hrs. I was ready to get dressed and go home.

Wednesday, February 29

Celebrating 2 Years

Febuary 28, 2010 we signed and got the keys to our home. I am forever thankful to be able to homeowners. I feel so blessed as many have lost their homes due to economic hard times. It has been a hard 2 years but I am thankful. I'm welcoming many years of memories, home improvement projects, and many partys.
I think back to theses past 2 years, we have worked really hard to keep what we have in such pressed economy. In the future count less projects of paint and lawn mowing.

Sunday, February 26

Ft Worth Science and History Museum

A while back ago, I won four tickets from a local festival to the Ft Worth Science and History Museum. Today we decided to go see the new exhibit Grossolgy. It detail body functions and how the body works. It was really cool to see. We also enjoy the children section in the museum. Claire enjoy watching all the kids run around. Im excited to see when she gets that stage in her life, its gonna be fun.
After the museum, we headed to rent a movie. I wanted to see Pussy and boots but their was no movie rentals.. insead we rented Rayman game on the Wii. Review; If you like playing Mario than this game is for you. For dinner I cooked bake chicken and saute appargus. I love having Sunday off, we get to enjoy being with each other.

Museum tickets $0.00
Parking $5.00
Sonic Happy Hour $3.50
Video Game Rental $0.00

Total $8.50 Savings $52.00

Saturday, February 25

Are you organized?

How organize are you? I tend to ask myself this on a daily basis...I dreed spending all day cleaning the house. I tried using this website emeals to help with my busy life. ( the picture below is meal and recipe from e-mealz). This website really helped my cooking. I'm always cooking something new and learning different ways to cook.
As a new mother I've learn tricks and learn new aspects of life. I wanted to focus on my blog my life and how I save. I really just want to live a frugal life and enjoy family. I wanted to share my talents saving and budgeting in fun ways.


What happend to me?

My last post was in June 6 and it was a busy month for the Warren'sn After posting a few short days. Claire Rose was born June 17th 2011. Be are very bless to welcoming such a blessing in our lives.

Fast Forward to February 25, 2012, many things have changed in my life. I'm proud mother and wife. I am back at work and school so at times my life is hectic but I enjoy every minute of the day. Count my blessings and welcome new doors to open in my life.  I'm looking forward to updating my blog often.

Monday, June 6

June = Busy Month

The month of June is here and yet it's only the second week of June it has been busy. Last weekend was my baby shower and this past weekend we had Breast feeding Class, Pool Party, Graduation and of course our weekly doctor appointments. I know once our baby get here its just going to be more hectic I assume. I really haven't had a chance to blog because its been so busy. I'm at the last stage of my pregnancy I really don't know where the time went. I sorta feel at this point I'm not ready but I've got everything I need I guess its just new mommy jitters. My grandpa and aunt plus cousin are coming to visits this weekend so its going to be another busy weekend and Sunday Rodney and I planning our maternity photos. I can't wait to visits with them, Rodney and I are going to throw a fiesta party on Sunday for family that was not able to make it to for her actually graduation. so June is going be even busier month let everything flow..